Social Media Strategy For Gyms in 2021

August 15, 20214 minutes
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Get more traffic to your gym with a solid social media strategy.

Social media is a part of everything we do – especially at the gym. Hundreds of thousands of selfies are taken in gym mirrors every week and shared on Instagram. How can you use that visibility to your gym’s advantage? Organic social media posting is your answer.

Get it together from the start

We all do social these days on a personal level, so doing it for your business should be easy, right?

Not exactly.

Marketing for your gym through social media involves a lot more effort than just posting a couple selfies and cycling classes to your Insta stories. You’ll want to make sure you have a strategy put together that allows you to plan, execute, and track your content in a way that actually advances your business and conserves time and effort.

Before you start drafting posts, here’s a couple things to consider for your social strategy right from the get-go:

1. Know your brand!

Social media is a perfect opportunity to really put your brand out there, but your first post shouldn’t be starting from scratch. Knowing your branding from the very beginning is vital to creating a cohesive experience with your social media strategy.

Go ahead and set a universal standard for which logos and colors you’ll use across each platform, and spend some time figuring out your voice. No, you don’t need a whole professional branding presentation from an agency to make it happen – just make sure you know how you want your content to read.

Are you the quirky gym for the fitness outcast? A serious gathering place for amateur weightlifters? Whatever your pitch or niche is, you can make it work as long as you’re consistent from the start.

2. Make sure your accounts are ready to run

So many small businesses set up rudimentary social accounts that don’t fulfill all of the needs that come with running a comprehensive social strategy, so making sure your accounts are optimized for growth from the outset is important.

Business accounts work a little differently than your personal ones and allow you to do more than you could on your own grid or timeline, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re set up with business accounts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With a business account, you can track your post to ensure they’re reaching who needs to see them, and it makes it easier if you choose to run social ads in the future.

Another important key to account set ups is to make sure all of your business’s information is updated and accurate. There’s nothing worse than having the wrong operating hours or phone number on your gym’s official page!

Once your accounts are set up and running, add those logos and brand colors you already figured out for added consistency.

Note: This advice can apply to any account, even if it’s been up and running for years. It’s never too late to optimize for social strategy!

3. Have a system that can manage and schedule your posts

If you’re not careful, planning and executing your future social media plan can become a huge time sink, costing you more in time than you stand to gain. Having a social media posting platform ready to go when you start posting can make a huge difference.

Social media posting platforms like Bordo come packed with incredibly useful tools to save you time and energy, like content calendars that allow you to plan your content far ahead of time and automatic posting capabilities. Best of all, it’s totally free, no credit card required.

But what content should I share?

Once you’re branded, set up and ready to start scheduling, you need to figure out what to post and where. It might seem easy to just post a photo of your gym every other day and call it a strategy, but there’s way more to think about if you want your social channels to work for your business.

These days, our phones are some of the most powerful advertising tools we have. The average smartphone camera is primed and ready for quality photos and video, and you can use tools like Unsplash and Canva (which are included in Bordo!) to make graphics on the fly.

A couple examples about content types for different platforms:

  • Quick informational videos (like workout tips) do really well on Facebook timelines
  • Capitalize on trends with video and sounds on Insta Reels or Tiktok
  • Stories and lives are great for longer bits of content that you record as they happen.

When it comes to what actually goes into your posts, there’s inspiration everywhere, from client testimonials to facility tours to giveaways and contests. Check out other brands you admire to get content ideas, but always be sure to put your own original spin on it and never copy!

And don’t forget the people that matter most – the team that makes your day-to-day operations happen!

Highlighting your trainers and other team members internally can give outsiders some insight into who you are and how your team works together to bring them top-quality services. It doesn’t matter how big or small your staff is; they’re engaging as your brand representatives every day and can be great inspirations or contributors for customer-winning content.

Here’s a few ideas for some team-oriented content ideas:

  • Have your staff post on their social media (tagging your gym, of course) talking about their jobs, or even posting their own workouts.
  • Make a contest! Who can get the most likes on their tagged posts?
  • Share photos of your trainers’ new clients – with their permission of course!
  • Take photos of team building exercises – weekly meetings, socials, anything that shows your staff bonding.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and start reaching new members with social media, make sure and sign up for Bordo and schedule your first posts. It only takes about 5 minutes, and best of all, it’s totally FREE!

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