Three Ways To Market Your Business on Facebook Without Ads

July 5, 20213 minutes
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Facebook has more than 95 million pages for small businesses, which makes it the greatest option when it comes to marketing strategies for small business. This is especially true for businesses who are promoting their services and products through the web. Regardless, a very low amount of these businesses actually employ ads in order to increase the amount of followers. This obviously shows that many other ways exist that allow a business to use Facebook without the monetary expense of ads.

Today, we take a walk down the marketing path to glance at the reason why using Facebook marketing for small business is a great option for getting your message out there. We’ll also look at a few methods that can help you further your Facebook marketing for small business efforts without the help of ads.

Why Facebook for Small Business Marketing?

Facebook has more than 1.5 billion worldwide users who are active on a daily level. This amount makes it a goldmine for generating business leads and paying customers.

Not only that, but many users are aged between 25 and 35 years old. If your other marketing efforts are failing to connect with your followers, Facebook will likely have a way for your business to connect.

Facebook remains one of the easiest ways to use marketing strategies for small business while remaining free. This makes the tools very effective for marketing purposes for any type of business, from restaurants to gyms to IT services and anything in between.

To get started, you can always entice your existing customers to follow you on Facebook and interact with your page. From there, however, you’ll need to increase the following of your business to find new customers. Sure, you can use ads to do this for you, but without specialized knowledge, a lot of time, and quite a bit of money, ads alone won’t do enough. Here are the top three methods to gain more followers.

1. Share Handy Information with Followers (Often!)

Content is king. When a follower follows a business, this means they are interested in what the business offers and they want the latest information concerning it.

When you frequently share brand content, you will quickly notice success within your marketing, especially coupled with interacting with users. Social media is social, and commenting back, liking comments, and interacting with your followers grows a strong brand presence.

A multitude of ideas can be used to develop great content for a business profile including:

  • Sharing relatable trends
  • Developing blog content and sharing it across all your channels
  • Disclosing details of what is to come by way of a sneak peek video
  • Distribute news concerning the business, including new products, services, case studies, etc.

The key to growth is consistency, and the key to consistency is scheduling posts ahead of time. With our platform, posting high-quality, regular content to all your channels (including Facebook!) is a cinche. Get started for free today!

2. Use Giveaways and Contests

Like it was previously mentioned, there is a high percentage of followers who prefer to only stay updated about a business through Facebook. These followers are also willing to follow these same businesses more closely if they were able to obtain some kind of deal or giveaway, like a small business social media contest.

The best way to accomplish this is by holding raffles or a contests, which including tagging friends, following your account, sharing content and more to participate. This will instantly increase engagement among your followers, and your followers friends! Although holding these have no cost, you do have to obtain a prize, which will be the only expense.

Note that a prize has to be of high enough value to entice followers to participate, or the whole attempt may just fall flat.

3. Cross-promote, Cross-promote, Cross-promote

The third method is to create exposure by taking advantage of your current business website and other platforms. As you share your website among small business social media, it will receive an increase in views and followers, and encourage people to contact and continue down the funnel.

Cross-promotion works the other way as well, from your website to your Facebook page. To accomplish this, you’ll need to include share link buttons on your website’s pages. These links are what will allow your readers to share the information that they read onto their profile. This could encourage others to click on them to see what the fuss is all about, and thus the social cycle continues.

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