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Bordo simplifies social scheduling with pared-down features that get the job done. Build posts, schedule calendars and store brand creative all in one spot.

  • Schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

    Schedule and share posts to the three major social networks with ease. Pinterest and Google My Business coming soon!

  • Collaborative and team-based

    Bordo is built with teams in mind, and continues to grow to the needs of digital teams. There’s no limit on or cost for extra users – go wild.

  • BordoBot Safety

    Our BordoBots stay alert 24/7 to make sure your posts go out on time, error free, and let us know immediately if something goes wrong.

  • Cloud-based media library

    Keep all your collateral in one spot and keep your brand consistent with our secure, cloud-hosted media libraries.

  • Canva-ready

    With the power of Canva’s design tools right at your fingertips, you can create eye-catching graphics for your posts without having to leave Bordo.

  • Import photos directly from Unsplash

    No more searching, downloading, uploading: import any image from directly into your media gallery and attach it to a post.

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