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Share to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for just $3 a channel per month.

Bordo the otter floats peacefully, knowing he pays less and gets more done using Bordo to manage his social media.

Stop wasting money.

We’ve all been there – you add a new social client and realize that you’ve reached your account limit.
You’re about to be u p c h a r g e d . Your monthly bill gets increased by hundreds, just for adding one new account.

Not with Bordo. Our guaranteed pricing of $3 per channel per month means no account tiers, no pricing gimmicks and no bill surprises. Get exactly what you need to keep your clients’ social presence thriving and don’t pay for features you don’t need. Want the whole team involved? Get your whole social department involved with unlimited users for no extra charge.

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With Bordo, what you see is what you get – $3 per channel, per month.
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Use our easy calculator to estimate what Bordo will cost you per month.

Bordo would cost you $3 USD per month for 1 social channel.

Have over 100 clients or 1,000 channels? Contact our sales team.

Users per team3Unlimited
Social profiles2020
Cloud-based content library
24/7 white glove support
Canva and Unsplash integration
Fast and simple user interface
$129 USD
a month for 20 social accounts.
$60 USD
a month for 20 social accounts.
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