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As a social media manager, I have been through my fair share of social media scheduling programs. Bordo has been by far the most intuitive and easy to use! With some platforms, I feel like there are so many hoops that you have to jump through just to schedule out content and Bordo makes the process simple and streamlined. If you’re looking for a way to lift the added stress of posting to social media, Bordo is the answer!

Hannah Green
Nick the Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bordo?

Bordo is a social media management platform that allows you to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business all from a single interface. You create posts, cater them to different platforms, choose when to share the posts, and let Bordo do the rest.

What is organic marketing? How can it help grow my business?

Organic marketing is all about using non-paid methods to market online. The alternative would be paid ads. While most people spend lots of money to "boost" posts and create small ads, rarely will ads get you the long-term results you need. Posting good content to social media regularly builds strong, engaged audiences that will become customers, and later brand evangelists. Basically, paid is short term, organic is the long game.

Can I trust Bordo to share my posts on time?

Absolutely. We built Bordo from the ground up to be reliable. Too often, social media scheduling platforms fail “silently”, meaning no one knows when, why or how. Our BordoBots are constantly monitoring to check that all connections to social media platforms are healthy and working. If not, they’ll tell you, and guide you through the process of getting reconnected.

Does Bordo work with ____ ?

Currently, Bordo can share your posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google pages natively. We support sharing text, links and images.

Okay but I really want to post to ____.

Pinterest? Tik Tok? Some platforms are very finicky about scheduled posting like Bordo provides, so we're working to hard to build the most-requested integrations first. If you’d like to formally request an integration, feel free to contact us and let us know!

Will using a scheduler hurt my post’s ranking?

No. Based on all evidence, research, and tests, social media platforms don’t care if you share natively or through a third-party application (like Bordo), content quality and rankings are determined primarily by the post itself and the quality of the account.

Is it really free?

Our base tier offers unlimited posting to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, totally free. Instagram, Google My Business, and other premium features and integrations can be accessed for an affordable monthly fee.

Okay but why?

Because we like you, and we want to give you a tool that’s a fast, easy to use, and reliable way to manage your social media. Some say it’s otterly ridiculous, we say it’s worth it.

What’s with the otter?

That’s Bordo. Not Bordo the software, but Bordo the otter. He likes fish, friends, otterly fast social media platforms, and you. Like otters, we believe in being resourceful – we make the best of what we have.


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