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Sometimes, things fail. When they do, it can be hard to figure out what went wrong. Even worse, many platforms don’t want you to know when everything’s not working 100%. How do you answer the question, “Why haven’t we posted on Facebook in a week?,” if you don’t even know the answer?

Bordo starts with a rock-solid, stable system that proactively keeps your social media channels connected, then routinely checks to let us (and you) know if something is amiss.

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No more missed connections.

Regular posting is the key to organic social media growth. You barely have enough time as it is to create and schedule posts – so who needs the added headache of figuring out why your posts aren’t being shared?

Whether it’s an API change, a dropped connection to a social media channel, or anything else, it’s otterly frustrating to find out the posts you scheduled haven’t been shared. Our BordoBots check regularly for successful connections to social media channels, and always give feedback if a post can’t be shared.

Knowledge is power.

If something goes wrong, our BordoBots are the first to know. Then they let our team know, and we get right to work. Transparency means less dropped connections, less failed posts, less stress and time wasted for you.

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